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kamesanctuary's Journal

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This community will be all about Kamenashi Kazuya, a KAT-TUN member, an actor, a stage-play performer, a newscaster and good CM endorser! He was born on Feb 23, 1986 in Tokyo, auditioned for Johnny Entertainment on Nov 11, 1998 and got accepted, then grouped as KAT-TUN in 2001. Released “Seishun Amigo” single under Shuji to Akira collaboration on November 2, 2005 and debuted with KAT-TUN for “Real Face” single on Mar 22, 2006!!! The history, PAST and PRESENT, will be presented out here, in this community in term of schedules, news, clips, translations, etc so that we can keep-up with his activities.
General Rules:-
This community is dedicated to compile all kame related files+info+etc
Contributors are most welcome.
Do not hotlink
Please follow the sharing rules
Moderated Membership. How to join? HERE heads up..empty lj would not be entertain :)
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